Twin detail in alloy foil in HREM.

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Twin detail in alloy foil in HREM.

Welcome to EMAL!

The University of Michigan Electron Microbeam Analysis Laboratory (EMAL) is a university-wide user facility for the microstructural and microchemical characterization of materials. Being a user facility, EMAL is open to anyone in the University research community. The laboratory is also open to users from other universities and to users from local industry.

It is located at the Space Research Building on the U of M North Campus, Building 22 of the North Campus Research Complex and the C.C. Little Science Building on the U of M Central Campus.

All EMAL Instruments Now Relocated to NCRC

The relocation of the North Campus EMAL to NCRC is completed and ten instruments have been moved to Building 22 of NCRC, (the Cameca Atomprobe, The Kratos XPS, the FEI Helios FIB/SEM, the FEI Nova FIB/SEM, the JEOL 2100F STEM, the Bruker Dmension AFM, the FEI Quanta FIB/SEM, the JEOL 3011 TEM, the JEOL 2010F TEM/STEM and the Nanoinstruments Nanoindenter). They are all up and running.

Please remember, that since access to NCRC is controlled, users will have to have their MCard activated to allow them into the building (contact John Mansfield for access. Industrial users and visitors will have to contact EMAL staff for access.

New Location For Atomprobe 1 New Location For Atomprobe 2

Views of the LEAP installed at NCRC. Above left: from outside room G017. Above right: the instrument in operation.

New Location For Helios 1 New Location For Helios 2

Views of the Helios installed at NCRC. Above left: from outside room G025. Above right: the instrument in use.


Uncertain of the location of EMAL@NCRC?

Here is a general overview of NCRC with the location of EMAL labeled map.

For more information, and routes marked from the main visitor entrance in building 18 to building 22, check here

Physical Electronics 680

New Scanning Auger Nanoprobe

A new instrument is avaialblen the Central Campus EMAL, a Physical Electronics 680 scanning Auger nanoprobe. Please contact Central Campus staff member Dr. Zhongrui (Jerry) Li for further information and instructions for access.

Note on laboratory facilities. If you do not find the technique you wish to use listed on our pages, please check our Other Links page for other UM facilities. If that fails, contact John Mansfield ( or (734) 936-3352) and he may be able to direct you to an alternate resource.

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