SEM CdTe Nanotube Rosette

Scanning electron microscope image a cluster of nanotubes of cadmium telluride.

Image by John Mansfield

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SEM CdTe Nanotube Rosette

Scanning electron microscope image a cluster of nanotubes of cadmium telluride.

Image by John Mansfield

Welcome to EMAL!

The University of Michigan Electron Microbeam Analysis Laboratory (EMAL) is a university-wide user facility for the microstructural and microchemical characterization of materials. Being a user facility, EMAL is open to anyone in the University research community. The laboratory is also open to users from other universities and to users from local industry.

It is located at the Space Research Building on the U of M North Campus and the C.C. Little Science Building on the U of M Central Campus.

Johannes Schwank

Please welcome the new Director of EMAL!

Please join us in welcoming the new Director of EMAL, Professor Johannes Schwank. Professor Schwank is the James and Judith Street Professor of Chemical Engineering. He has a wealth of expeience here at the University of Michigan, including a past Associate Director of EMAL (1987-2001) and past Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering. Professor Schwank is ready to bring EMAL back to the forefront of nanoscale materials analysis. For more information and to contact him, please see here

External View of Building 22 External View of Building 22

New Facilities Under Construction, Finally!

The renovation of the ground floor space of building 22 in the North Campus Resarch Complex has finally begun. The demolition of the exisitng space, including a walk-in freezeer and two large room-size storage robot systems and some low grade laboratory space that was unsuitable for EMAL use, has largely been completed and soon a new suite of rooms to house all of the North Campus EMAL instrumentation will be built.
Here is the floorplan.
Each instrumentwill be located in its own room and there will be a service chase behind each room for the location of pumps, electronic racks, chillers and other support systems.
Here are the current planned instrument locations.
Construction completion date is listed as December 20th, 2013, but move-in will probably start in early January 2014.

Physical Electronics 680

New Scanning Auger Nanoprobe

A new instruemnt is in the process of being installed in the Central Campus EMAL, a Physical Electronics 680 scanning Auger nanoprobe. When the instrument is completely installed and availabel for use, you may check out its capabilities here . For further information contact Gordon Moore

Note on laboratory facilities. If you do not find the technique you wish to use listed on our pages, please check our Other Links page for other UM facilities. If that fails, contact John Mansfield ( or (734) 936-3352) and he may be able to direct you to an alternate resource.

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