Bede D1 High Resolution X-Ray Diffractometer

Location: Room 2219 H.H. Dow Building
Contact: Ying Qi
Instructions: Bede D1 High Resolution XRD SOP
Acknowledgments:Publications resulting from work on this instrument should acknowledge

Bede D1 High Resolution X-Ray Diffractometer: The Bede D1 system is a versatile high resolution X-ray diffractometer for the characterization of advanced materials. The system is most suitable for characterization of thin films, superlattices, and single crystal wafers, although it can also characterize other forms of materials. A range of parameters can be measured including thickness, composition, relaxation, strain, area uniformity, density, roughness, phase, crystalline texture, crystallinity, pore size and grain size.


Bruker D1 XRD Debashisu Basu, a graduate student in EECS, installing his thin film InAbAs on InP sample into the Bede to study the stress distribution in the film. Material is a candidate for spin-based device applications.