Twin detail in alloy foil in HREM.

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Twin detail in alloy foil in HREM.

JEOL 3100R05 Double Cs-Corrected Analytical Electron Microscope

Location: Room G032, Building 22 of The North Campus Research Complex
Phone: +1-(734) 764-2938
Contact: John Mansfield or Kai Sun or Haiping Sun
Instructions: This instrument is operated as a high resolution STEM only. If you require high resolution TEM you should use the JEOL 3011 or the JEOL 3100R005. The JEOL instruction manual for this instrument has useful sections and illustrates the layout of the controls. However, it is included here for reference only, indeed, there are a number of service functions listed in the manual are NOT to be performed by users. As with all EMAL instruments, users should be instructed on instrument use by EMAL staff. The most useful document for users of this instrument is the CsCorrector User Manual.
New users should download this document and study it prior to a staff training session on the instrument.
Webcam: JEOL 2100F Webcam
Acknowledgments: Publications resulting from work on this instrument should acknowledge the support of NSF grant #DMR-0723032

Analytical Electron Microscopy: Analytical Electron Microscopy is a generic term that is applied to any study where a variety of analysis techniques are used within one particular microscope. These techniques typically include X-ray Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (XEDS), Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS), Selected Area Electron Diffraction (SAED), Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction (CBED), Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, and Scanning Electron Microscopy. These techniques are briefly described in the glossary.


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XEDS System

EELS System

Image Acquisition & Analysis System

Sample Holders

Other Accesories


JEOL 2100F AEM The EMAL 2100F Cs Corrected AEM in room 432 EMAL.