Nanoinstruments NanoIndenter II (1994)

Location: Room G032, Building 22 of The North Campus Research Complex.
Phone: (734) 764-2938

Contact: Ying Qi
Instructions: See Ying Qi
Webcam: Nanoinstruments Nanoindenter Webcam
Acknowledgments: Publications resulting from work on this instrument should acknowledge the support of NSF grant #DMR-9408306

When it was purchased in 1994, this low load indentation instrument provided for spatially resolved, low load indentation on a wide variety of materials, and enabled significant enhancement in the understanding and improving the mechanical and physical properties of advanced materials and materials systems. However, it is now nearly 20 years old and suffers frequent parts failure. Parts are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain and the DOS-based computer system on which it relies is in no longer reliable. A replacement is planned