Twin detail in alloy foil in HREM.

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Twin detail in alloy foil in HREM.

EMAL File Storage

WARNING: If you don't save your files in the UserData location you may lose them. EMAL computers are used by a number of University of Michigan researchers and students. They may inadvertently delete your files or install programs that may corrupt your files.

Rules of Use
University of Michigan EMAL provides a temporary file storage location for its users on a Mac OS server. This service does not guarantee the integrity or the privacy of your files. Therefore you are highly encouraged to backup your data and remove it from EMAL computer systems.

Please store your files in the directory with your EMAL username. This directory must be stored in the UserData location that is stored on the central file server. Even though there is no security mechanism to prevent you from modifying other users' files, we ask you to refrain from doing so. EMAL may be forced to discontinue this service if it is severely abused.

Optical Media Backups.
Instrument rooms with available CD/DVD recorders
422 FEI Quanta 3D
426 FEI Nova Nanolab Kratos Axis Ultra XPS
429 JEOL 3011
422 JEOL 2010F
422 FEI XL30 FEG

You need to bring your own blank CD-RW or DVD-RW media. Depending on the media you may store up to 700 Megabytes of data onto a CD and 8.7 Gigabytes on a dual layer DVD (all of the EMAL iMacs should support this media type). Please ask EMAL staff if you need assistance or contact Dr. John F. Mansfield for further information.

Remote File Transfer Backups.
FTP Address:
FTP Username: emal
FTP Password: the same password you use to login to EMAL computers.
Data is found in:
/Volumes/EMAL Server Disk 4/NewEMALData and
/Volumes/EMAL Server Disk 1/User Data 1 and
/Volumes/EMAL Server Disk 2/User Data 2
Some browsers support redirect of ftp and you can type:
"s Server Disk 4/NewEMALData/" or "s Server Disk 1/User Data 1/" or "s Server Disk 2/User Data 2/" into your browser to get the correct path.

Your FTP client must support sftp in order to access EMAL FTP server.
Clients that support sftp
Windows OS Filezilla
Mac OS Fugu
Linux gFTP (usually comes pre-installed)

MacOS X, Linux, and UNIX users may also use command line sftp client:
$>sftp " Server Disk 1/User Data 1"

NOTE: You may not change or delete files from the FTP server. Please don't forget to delete files you have backed up the next time you come to EMAL.